Analysis of the Implementation of International Technical Assistance

On April 22, 2021, with the assistance of international partners in the framework of the EU Public Finance Management Support Programme for Ukraine (EU4PFM Programme), a regular monthly meeting was held to analyze the current progress of reforming the State Customs Service of Ukraine and implementation of new tools to review achievements, challenges, available resources and needs.

The acceleration, simplification of customs procedures and the saving of resources should be the key criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of each event in the framework of international technical assistance, as well as conducting a training event and developing an IT tool – such a joint position of the Ministry of Finance and the State Customs Service of Ukraine was voiced at the meeting.

The representatives of the Department provided a general overview of the training events (structure, content and feedback from participants), which were organized and conducted during March – April 2021 together with experts from the EU4PFM Programme for customs officials of the State Customs Service.

Therefore representatives of the EU4PFM Programme, sharing the above-mentioned requirements for the results of the realization  international technical assistance, confirmed their interest in implementing the maximum number of planned activities and their readiness for further support of the State Customs Service, including considering issues at the level of key institutions of the European Union, in particular the European Commission (DG TAXUD).

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