The Day of the State Flag is a celebrationof all generations of the Ukrainians.

It is a tribute to the symbol of the state that has passed along, sometimes heroic, sometimes tragic. Under the native flag, the people of Ukraine approved the eternal dream of statehood, collegiality and independence.

The noble blue and yellow colors of the sky and wheat symbolize the great work of our people from the east to the west of Ukraine and from the north to the south.

Under our flag we have to live and work in such a way that the descendants will be proud of our victories and successes, so that the world knows a mighty, prosperous state – Ukraine.

Nowadays, under this flag in Ukraine the independence of the Motherland has been struggled, foreign visitors are met, the oath is also taken by servicemen, the Embassy of Ukraine has been working and it is posted at the UN.

We congratulate on the Day of the State Flag of Ukraine, and wish the blue-yellow flag continues to evoke the sense of pride in the heart of every Ukrainian and encourages further feats for the sake of our country.

We believe in victory!

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