English club is a way to professional improvement

English speaking club is a meeting aimed at improving the ability to communicate in English. Such an initiative was launched in the Department for Specialized Training and Canine Services of the State Customs Service (Department) with the aim of improving the level of English among the Department’s employees, who are just at the beginning of their journey of mastering this competence. Every Friday, as a part of the club, Department’s employees have the opportunity to practice their English language skills in an informal atmosphere by discussing current issues on various topics, including simple conversational topics, as well as business and political issues.

English speaking club for officials of the Department is a great way to improve knowledge of the English language and improve communication with colleagues and partners from other countries. It is worth noting that knowledge of the language is an important factor in acquiring new knowledge and skills necessary for performing the professional duties of customs officials. This competence allows you to improve your qualifications on various international platforms, including the CLIKC! WCO learning platform, to interact with various sources of information, such as scientific articles, technical documentation, professional courses, seminars, etc.

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