Exchange of experience in organizing canine services

Determining the importance of constantly searching for new approaches to increasing the level of special training of canine teams and their effective use and further expansion of international cooperation in the field of canine services within the framework of the implementation of the action plan of the WCO RDTC (Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine) for 2022-2025, representatives of the Department for Specialized Training and Canine Services of the State Customs Service (WCO RTC/WCO RDTC) held an online meeting with their colleagues from the Dog Training Center of the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic. The meeting took place on November 29, 2022.

For canine experts, such events are a great opportunity to discuss new developments in the methodology of canine teams training for the search for narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, firearms, tobacco products, monetary signs in the form of banknotes, as well as exchange of experience and information regarding resonant cases of detection by service dogs.

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