On August 24, 1991, with great hope and faith, we accepted the challenge of fate, embarked on the path of building our state.

Undoubtedly, this significant date forever entered  the history of the young state, the golden page of its biography, ushered a new era in the life of the Ukrainians, legislated its age-old, democratic aspirations for national revival, spiritual freedom, economic growth, cultural uplift.

Unfortunately, this year we will not be able to celebrate Independence Day as usual, since the heroic struggle of our people with the invaders goes on. 2022 became a year of trials and significant losses. The enemy decided to take away our freedom, sovereignty and territories.

However, the Russian invaders will not succeed, for we are Ukrainians, who have always been freedom-loving and indestructible. And we will surely prevail!

We congratulate you on Independence Day and wish a fair victory and peaceful life in the beloved country.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the heroes!

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