July 28 is the Day of Ukrainian Statehood

July 28, 2023 is an important date for all Ukrainian men and women. For the second year in a row at a time of unprecedented new challenges, we celebrate the Day of Ukrainian Statehood on July 28. The terrible reality of the war showed the whole world how to protect its statehood.

The glorious Ukrainian people showed the whole world courage, heroism, indomitability and fortitude, which will be an example for many to follow. Ukrainian statehood is our common history. Statehood has no present tense, it is constantly developing, so we sincerely wish for strength, unity and victory.

Our strength lies in our unity and desire to live in a free and independent country with democratic values. Let the victory of Ukraine come as soon as possible. With joint efforts, for the benefit of Ukraine, we will be able to win and build a strong European country. Happy Ukrainian Statehood Day! Everything will be Ukraine!

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