Neighbourly support: solidarity and effective assistance

In our difficult time of Ukrainian resistance to russian aggression, not only people, but also animals need support and humanitarian aid. Once again, deep indifference of the Republic of Poland to what is happened in Ukraine during the full-scale invasion of its territory, has demonstrated by the Revenue Administration Regional Office in Warsaw (hereinafter − the Office).

The current situation shows that 44 canine teams of the State Customs Service of Ukraine who has been staying in the active combat zone and needing to provide them with urgent humanitarian assistance in the form of uninterrupted feed supplies. In this regard the humanitarian aid provided by the Office is an invaluable contribution to maintain the vital activity of dogs.

On behalf of the Primary trade union organization of the Department for Specialized Training and Canine Services of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who did not stand aside and joined to the truly noble cause, namely:

Mr Bartosh Zbaraszchuk, Head of the Office, for assistance in the collection and transportation of one ton of fodder for four-legged companions of Ukrainian customs officers;

Ms Justina Pasiechynska, Press Secretary of the Office, for coordinating responses to humanitarian events, as well as all entire staff of the Office, whose joint efforts do everything possible to make a great deal to collect fodder;

Mrs Elvira Adamchuk-Shymkoviak, National Canine Coordinator – officer of the Office, for initiating the collection of humanitarian aid, organizing the purchase of dry fodder, cooperating with the Ciechanow City Hall, and organizing the delivery of food to Ukraine.

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