On May 18, the Day of Vyshyvanka is observed in Ukraine

“Take care of Ukrainian – wear Vyshyvanka!”

Lina Kostenko

An embroidered shirt is an important value for every Ukrainian. Vyshyvanka is not only an ancient part of the wardrobe of our people, which was handed down to descendants and served as a talisman for its owner, but also accompanied the Ukrainian people since ancient times and was for them a symbol of insubordination and that they are Ukrainians.

Vyshyvanka is a symbol of the Ukrainian unity, beauty, health and a happy destiny. It is a talisman of the Ukrainian nation, because the Ukrainian people encode happiness, fate, life and will in the ornament of embroidered women.

Nowadays, Vyshyvanka Day has a special meaning – Ukrainians are forced to defend their national authenticity and fight for it, giving their lives.

These days, our people protect not only the physical borders of Ukraine, but also the spiritual and cultural ones. Embroidery is the spiritual armor of Ukrainians, and, in its turn, Ukraine is the armor of the world. The embroidered shirt was, is, and will be a symbol of our identity, faith, hope, love, struggle, and most importantly, victory.

Let’s be proud of being Ukrainians! Happy holiday!

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