Participation in a webinar on gender audit of the apparatuses of departments

On July 4-5, 2022 a two-day webinar “Conducting a gender audit in executive power bodies and local self-government bodies” was held for the first time  for representatives of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service (NAUCS), the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspection of Ukraine, the Pension Fund of Ukraine, among whom was the representative of the Department of Specialized Training and Canine Services of the State Customs Service, as well as the member of the Working Group of the State Customs Service on Gender Policy Implementation.

Over the course of July, 350 civil servants from 47 state bodies will have the opportunity to improve their qualifications on the subject of the event.

The event was organized on the initiative of the NAUCS, with the assistance of the Center for Adaptation of the Civil Service to the Standards of the European Union, the Ukrainian School of Governance, with the support of the Government Commissioner for Gender Policy, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and the representative office of the United Nations “Women in Ukraine”.

The purpose of the webinar is to provide public servants with practical knowledge of the principles and mechanisms of gender audit, to develop the skills of integrating gender principles into policies, strategies, and program documents. The new acquired knowledge will contribute to the establishment of the principles of partnership, non-discrimination and balanced participation in managerial decision-making. During the webinar, the main concepts of gender audit, as well as the importance of gender sensitivity during the conduct of gender audit were discussed.

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