Promotion of the Project to Combat Arms Trafficking

On April 14, 2021 the Governing Council of the OSCE Program “Support to Strengthening Capacity of Ukrainian Authorities in Preventing and Countering the Illicit Trafficking of Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives in All Its Forms” held a regular meeting to analyze the progress achieved in the implementation of the program components, which was attended by representatives of the Department for Specialized Training and Canine Services of the State Customs Service.

International experts highly appreciated the current results of the events held, presented short-term goals and outlined the main challenges on the way to implementing the Program.

Representatives of the main beneficiaries of the Program, which are the State Customs Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Border Service of Ukraine, reported on the current state of countering illegal arms trafficking, and also expressed gratitude to the OSCE for the support provided and confirmed their readiness to actively participate in the further implementation of the Program.

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