Public Service Day of Ukraine

Public Service Day of Ukraine is a professional holiday in Ukraine. It is celebrated annually on June 23, which is the United Nations Civil Service Day.

The holiday was established in Ukraine “… taking into account the role of the public service in the process of becoming Ukraine’s sovereign, independent, democratic, social, legal state and supporting the decisions of the United Nations General Assembly” in accordance with the Presidential Decree of April 4, 2003 № 291/2003.

The staff of the Department for Specialized Training and Canine Services of the State Customs Service sincerely congratulates all public servants on the PUBLIC SERVICE DAY OF UKRAINE!

May your work be full of endurance, professionalism and respect, and may family warmth, health and harmony accompany you always in fulfilling the honorable mission of serving the People of Ukraine!

Today, our People have faced a terrible test, the war, by the authoritarian ruling mode of neighboring russia.

However, we will overcome this aggression, because the strength of spirit of our Ukrainian soldiers, strengthened by heroic examples of the patriotic victory of the fighters for the independence of our state, is invincible.

We believe in our victory!

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