Fight against counterfeiting in martial law

From November 30, 2022 to January 1, 2022 during the specialized training of customs officials, which was conducted by the Department, the issue of facilitation the customs protection of intellectual property rights, taking measures to prevent the movement of goods through the customs border of Ukraine with violations of intellectual property rights protected by law and preventing movement of counterfeit goods across the customs border of Ukraine were discussed.

26 officials of structural subdivisions and territorial bodies of the State Customs Service were upgraded.

The representatives of the Department for Non-Tariff Regulation, the Department for Combating Smuggling and Violations on Customs Rules, the Department for Profiling Customs Risks of the State Customs Service and rights holders took part as experts.

During the seminar, the directions for improving the effectiveness of measures to facilitate the protection of intellectual property rights based on the European practice of applying measures of facilitation, features of use of the risk management system to identify goods suspected of violating intellectual property rights were considered.

The attention of the participants was focused on the latest trends in the field of promoting the protection of intellectual property rights in the conditions of martial law, the features of visual identification of goods that contain objects of intellectual property rights.

During the event, the issue of cooperation between customs departments in drawing up acts on violations of customs rules in the course of detection of goods that infringe intellectual property rights, considerating of such acts in courts as well as execution of court decisions was considered.

Based on the results of fruitful discussions during the conducting of training, possible ways to solve problematic and outstanding legislative issues in the current legislation were highlighted.

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