Modern methods of detecting explosives and explosive substances

Given the current threats and need to enhance the efforts to prevent the illegal movement of weapons, explosives and explosives across the customs border of Ukraine, the Program on Export Control and Border Security (EXBS) of the US Department of State has organized training courses for the training of IonScan 500 DT devices operators to detect explosives.

Thus, from 14 to 28 September, three training courses were held for officials of the Odesa, Kyiv, Zakarpattia, Lviv, and Volyn Customs and the Department for Specialized Training and Canine Serices of the State Customs Service (Department).

The training was conducted by experts from “Folgat” LLC, which is an official representative of the “Smith Detection” company (manufacturer of the IonScan 500 DT device).

During the training, the main aspects of the use of the specified device were considered, namely:

– safety at work;

– starting and working with the system;

– sampling and analysis;

– troubleshooting;

– maintenance (cleaning, heat treatment, replacement of filters).

The main purpose of participation of official of the Department in such event was to use of acquired knowledge, skills and abilities on application of technical and special means during customs control in the training process of officials of the territorial bodies of the State Customs Service.

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